Voice Lessons

Janelle’s in home voice lessons focus on vocal technique, vocal exercises, vowel modifications, proper breathing, repertoire and developing style. She specializes in pop, rock, musical theater and also teaches classical. One of Janelle’s specialties is training students how to belt in a healthy and proper way especially when singing pop and certain Broadway music.

  • Vocal books to build repertoire in chosen genre will be recommended and will be available online.
  • Vocal exercises should be practiced daily for 15-20 minute increments for significant vocal progress. Songs and repertoire should also be practiced daily or at least three times a week for best results.
  • Janelle specializes in pop, rock, Broadway, and classical. However, she is experienced in several other genres including jazz, classic rock, and country.
  • For very young students, lessons will focus on learning melodies using the call and response method. Teacher sings and student repeats melody on “la” and then on the lyrics.
  • Lessons for older students will have a heavy emphasis¬† on vocal technique and vowel modifications.
  • Vocal Exercises are taught and recorded in order to improve pitch, tone, range, breathing, and power.
  • Pop vocal techniques including healthy belting and singing in the mix voice will be explained.
  • Audition preparation for theater, performing arts schools, talent shows, and singing contests.
  • Vocal exercises in song form tailored to each specific song’s need.
  • Songs will be sung on a specific vowel before singing on the lyrics to improve tone, power, and breathing.
  • Focus for all ages will be on producing a strong sound and reducing any breathy quality in the sound.